• De Tristitia Christi, CW 14
  • Historia Richardi Tertii, CW 2
  • Historia Richardi Tertii, CW 15
  • Latin Correspondence
  • Latin Epigrams, CW 3.2
  • Lucian Translations [from Greek to Latin], CW 3.1
  • Responsio ad Lutherum, CW 5
  • Utopia, CW 4 edition
  • Utopia, Cambridge UP edition
  • Answer to a Poisoned Book, CW 11
  • Apology, CW 9
  • Confutation of Tyndale’s Answer, CW 8
  • Debellation of Salem and Bizance, CW 10
  • Dialogue Concerning Heresies, CW 6
  • Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation, CW 12
  • English Correspondence
  • English Poems, CW 1
  • History of Richard III, CW 2
  • Instructions and Prayers, CW 13
  • The Last Things, CW 1
  • Life of Pico, CW 1
  • Supplication of Souls, CW 7
  • Treatise on the Blessed Body, CW 13
  • Treatise on the Passion, CW 13
  • Cumulative Test
  • Cumulative Concordance of More’s Latin Works
  • Cumulative Concordance of More’s English Works
  • Cumulative Concordance of More’s Complete Works
  • Augustine’s De civitate Dei
  • Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae and Bellum Iugurthinum
  • test File
  • tester


The Concordance

The Text



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  • Do we want some particular word's table to load automatically when we load the concordance?
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  • We grabbed "Instructions and Prayers" from a different place than the concordance page. That link on the old CTMS site is broken. Is the text we grabbed okay?
  • To make the Cumulatives work nicely, we slightly modified the tags in the source texts (ex "Corr" to "LCorr" or "ECorr" for the Latin and English Correspondences). Is that okay?
  • When we copied the banner text from here: , we added italics around "The Complete...". Is that okay?
  • And we used the same banner text on the Latin cumulative concordance, so as to include R.S. Sylvester's name. Is that okay?
  • It would be good to remove "english-correspondence" from the URL of the concordance. Can Patrick do that?