List of Thomas More’s Writings

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c. 1496-1504 English Poems

1499-1535 Correspondence (Latin and English)

c. 1500 Latin verses to Holt’s Lac Puerorum

c. 1504 Letter to John Colet

1510 The Life of John Picus

1506 Translations of Lucian

1496-1516 published 1518 Latin Poems 1509 “Coronation Ode”

1513 Epigrams on Brixius

c. 1513-1318 The History of King Richard III

1515 Letter to Dorp

1516 Utopia

1517-1522 Poems and letters to his children, and letter to their tutor

1518-1520 Letters to Oxford (1518), to a Monk (1519), and to Brixius (1520)

c. 1522 Quattuor Novissima [The Four Last Things]

1523 Responsio ad Lutherum

1526 published 1568 Letter to Bugenhagen

June 1529 A Dialogue Concerning Heresies

September 1529 Supplication of Souls

May 1531 A Dialogue Concerning Heresies, 2 nd edition

March 1532 Confutation of Tyndale’s Answer I-III

Dec., 1533 Letter against Frith

Spring 1533 Confutation of Tyndale IV-VIII

April 1533 The Apology of Sir Thomas More

October 1533 The Debellation of Salem and Bizance

December 1533 The Answer to a Poisoned Book

1534 A Treatise upon the Passion; A Treatise to Receive the Blessed Body; A Dialogue of Comfort against Tribulation; “A Dialogue on Conscience”

1534-1535 “Imploring Divine Help against Temptation”; “A Godly Instruction [on How to Treat Those Who Wrong Us]”; “A Godly Meditation [on Detachment]”

1535 De Tristitia Christi [The Sadness of Christ]

July 1535 “A Devout Prayer [before Dying]”